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Back to Alert Level 2 – What you need to think about today

Current at 12pm Wednesday 12 August 2020

At 12pm Wednesday 12 August 2020 Auckland will move into Alert Level 3 & the rest of New Zealand will move into Alert Level 2.

What you need to be thinking about today

1. How does Auckland moving to Alert Level 3 affect your supply chain? Make a plan for building alternative supply chain and securing your supply of key materials.

2. Do you have key customers in Auckland, therefore, what is the impact on your sales? You may have a cash collection risk if Auckland businesses are in Alert Level 3 for a prolonged period.

3. Proactively contact customers and make them comfortable with your health & safety policies if they are visiting your premises

4. What are the staffing decisions you need to think about due to the implications on your supply chain, production process and sales pipeline? Ensure that you have a consultation processes around varied hours.

5. The Wage Subsidy Extension application close date is 1 September 2020. Should you reconsider applying for this if you’re entitled?

6. Check on your team, friends and family. Be safe.

7. Update your financial forecasts and determine funding requirements.

8. Implement your Alert Level 2 Operating Procedures.

Build a Transition Plan for Alert Level 3

While the Auckland transition to Alert Level 3 is for only a few days this could change very quickly for Auckland or the rest of the country. We therefore need to be prepared for the possibility that we will be moved into Alert Level 3 with little notice.

1. Review your Alert Level 3 operating procedures – See our Alert Level 3 Checklist 2. See our blog How to communicate your Alert Level 3 Plan with your Team 3. Employment decision priorities a. Level 3 operating plan (from home, social distancing etc) b. Working hours – See our blog How many hours do I need my employees to work? c. Keep in mind that you may have limited to no wage subsidy (but watch for Government updates) 4. Securing supply for a transition back to Level 2 so that you can restart production and sales quickly

You can access our free tools and resources on our website here.

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