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Feel you could be doing better than you are?


Growth can be tricky to navigate and having the right advisors alongside you is crucial. Our team can help you take the next step, whether it's going national, or even global, providing you with simple plans to execute for your growth ambition to be realised. 

We can also take care of your mainstream tax and compliance, and annual accounting needs.

We've got an incredibly smart team who love numbers, technology and get a kick out of getting into the nitty gritty. They have a knack of turning numbers into powerful information that that helps you grow and turning complicated jargon into plain English.

Thanks to our amazing network of clients we know what good looks like. We love sharing so you can tap into this too. Let's help you start out, grow or transition your business so you can live the lifestyle you want.

Join us in a free discovery workshop!

Velocite Support Options

What is a Discovery Workshop?

A Discovery Workshop is a brainstorming
session bringing together key decision
makers, business owners and Velocite
Business Advisors. It’s a chance for you
to come in and talk about your business
goals and challenges and we’ll share
some of the things we’ve seen or done.
Together, we’ll work up some practical
ideas around your next move.


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We offer a range of programmes to support business owners

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One on One Support

We have a range of one-on-one business support options and packages

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