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Are you an ambitious owner/manager with a passion to transform your business? Our events are designed to provide you with practical tips you can take away and apply. It won't just be us, we'll also involve other business owners to share their stories too.

We'll focus topics on what's important at your stage of growth, whether you're:

S - Just starting out

M - Up and running

E - Established and ready for a step change 

Spaces fill quickly - reserve your place now!

Breakfast Series

Throughout the year we'll focus on key issues facing business owners as you move through your business life cycle - newly emerging, established, or wanting to transform.

Agri Brunch Series 

The events will focus on key issues facing the Agri industry, you will leave with practical takeaways and access to support. Take your pick - you can come along to just one or all of this three-part event series.​

Each Series runs for 3-4 consecutive weeks. Take your pick - you can come along to just one or all.

Taking Notes

Information Evenings

Change now seems to be the only constant. Whether you're trying to keep on top of using new software tools, tax rules, or health and safety updates, we have a series of Information Evenings to help you out. 

No events at the moment

Past events

Didn't get to join us and want to know more? Please get in touch and we can have a chat or put you at the top of the list for our future events.


How to use the data in your business to make good decisions

Data Cloud

How to use technology to take cost out of your business 


How to create time working on your business, not just in it 


How to get more out of your business 

On the Laptop

Agri Software Tools - Ladies Information Evening 


How to approach 2021 planning

Business Owner

How to expand into multiple locations or acquire another business 


How much profit should you be making and how do you get there?


Staying on top of your people priorities in times of uncertainty 

Financial Analyst

How to get funding for your project or growth


How to use technology to manage your business in real time 

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