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How to communicate Your Alert Level 3 Plan with Your Team

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Current at 8am 20 April 2020

Communication of your Alert Level 3 execution plan with your Team should be your priority this week. You need to communicate and get agreement on:

  • Your new operating procedures under Alert Level 3

  • The rate you are bringing your team back to work

  • The rate you’re paying your team.

Operating Procedures

Industry associations are releasing good guidance on operating procedures under Alert Level 3, broadly these cover the following areas.

Before Returning to Work

  • Plan your return to work meeting with your team to take them through your new protocols

  • List situations where people are required to work within two meters of each other

  • How to create physical distancing?

  • How to create workplace bubbles? E.g. Team A or Team B for the full duration of Level 3

  • Do you have any high-risk staff?

  • Order appropriate PPE and wash station requirements e.g. signage, hand soap and sanitiser, gloves etc…

  • Reporting process for your staff to identify and record non-compliance of your processes

  • A full clean of your office or work site before anyone returns to work

Taranaki Suppliers:

People Visiting Your Business

Businesses can open premises but cannot physically interact with customers

  • Communication plan with customers

  • Identify all of the entry points for your business and decide if you can reduce to one entry point only

  • Sign in and contact tracing – Ideal is a digital/phone-based system i.e. customers emailing key details or your staff having a check list they work through when taking calls (e.g. name, contact details, where they have come from, health declaration and agreed time visiting/leaving your business)

  • Daily checks that your systems are being followed and process improvements if necessary

  • Hand washing stations and rubbish bins

  • Online payment (ensure you provide clear instructions on what you want entered into the reference field or PayWave facilities)

  • Visible 2m markings around work areas customer contact areas

  • Deny entry to anyone who does not need to be there

  • Sign out – Must include where they are going next

Operating Procedures

  • Avoid face to face meetings outside your bubble or ensure a minimum of 2m spacing

  • Close down lunchrooms and common areas

  • Disinfect commonly used resources before and after each use e.g. office printer

  • Clean regime for all high touch areas e.g. door handles

  • All supporting documentation should be emailed or photographed and sent to your customers

  • Any heavy lifting must be done by either the delivery bubble or the work bubble (not a combination of both)

  • Bathrooms should be closed to everyone except your onsite bubble – Even consider separate bathroom facilities for each bubble

Ensure you read the Alert Level details, here.

Keep an eye out for your industry associating guidelines such as:

Communication with Your Team about Level 3 Operating Procedures

  1. Involve your team in the development of your operating procedures

  2. Have your team test your draft operating procedures and provide feedback/suggestions for improvements

  3. Determine your work bubbles

  4. Determine if your plan results in changes to employment terms e.g. reduced or different working hours due to staggered shifts etc…

  5. Communicate your finalised plan and get text or email confirmation from each team member

Remember the key requirement is to have good faith discussions with your employees prior to changing their terms of employment. Any change in your employee’s hours or pay rate is a change to their employment terms.

If you have any queries or need immediate assistance, get in touch.

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