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Grant and Paul have a knack of spotting opportunities and turning them into hugely successful ventures, both professionally and to benefit others.

In 2018 they saw an opportunity to do something they loved differently - they wanted to change the way accountants and performance specialists helped businesses in New Zealand.

They wanted to lead a team to help grow our regional economy.

Clients would no longer be transactional relationships. Really getting to know each other and investing in outcomes would be key. Flexibility, agility and empowerment would be lived through a talented team who love to think differently and have common values.  Their vision for Velocite was born.

At the time, Grant and Paul were working with an amazing group of highly qualified and talented professionals. The team saw their vision and transitioned PwC in New Plymouth into Velocite.

Why Velocite with an ‘e’? Like many businesses, we like moving forward and getting things done “at speed and with momentum”, and it’s part of us doing things a little differently.

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