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Whether you're starting out, in a well established business and want to grow, or it's time to transition to the next generation, we know the opportunities and challenges facing New Zealand's agricultural sector. That's why our focus is slightly different, we go beyond budgeting and compliance, we work with you to optimise your business performance.

We work collaboratively with the people who matter most to you - your farm advisor, your banker, your lawyer, your family. Bringing the right people to work alongside you to help you realise your goals.

The majority of our advisors have over 10 years experience and a solid record of delivering quality service. We want to take time to get to know you, your passions, your ambitions. Like you, we're in this for the long haul and you need to work with people you can trust. People who can provide sound, unbiased advice.

We genuinely care about your success - it's why Velocite was created.

Our services

  • Building a legacy – financial and personal

  • Wealth creation and growth

  • Structuring advice

  • Due diligence and modelling

  • Budgeting and compliance

  • Cloud enabling

  • Business strategy

  • Building capable management teams and staff

  • Growing ROI and profit

  • Sustaining income for lifestyle

  • Building exit plans or succession planning

What is a Discovery Workshop?

A Discovery Workshop is a brainstorming
session bringing together key decision
makers, business owners and Velocite
Business Advisors. It’s a chance for you
to come in and talk about your business
goals and challenges and we’ll share
some of the things we’ve seen or done.
Together, we’ll work up some practical
ideas around your next move.

More information I Book Discovery Workshop

Join us in a free discovery workshop!

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