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Velocite Breakfast Series


Back by popular demand is the Reshape Breakfast Series. We'll focus on key issues facing business owners as you move through your business life cycle, from established to want to transform. Take your pick - you can come along to just one or all of this three-part event series.

Upcoming Events 

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Past events

Didn't get to join us and want to know more? Please get in touch and we can have a chat or put you at the top of the list for our future events.

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Don’t digitise an inefficient process

Financial Analyst

How to get funding for your project or growth


How to create time working on your business, not just in it 


Is your business performing as well as it could be? 

Data Cloud

How to use technology to take cost out of your business 


How to approach 2021 planning


How to get out of your business 


How much profit should you be making and how do you get there?


Staying on top of your people priorities in times of uncertainty 

Business Owner

How to expand into multiple locations or acquire another business 


How to use technology to manage your business in real time 

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