Business Reshape Programme

Many business owners are taking their businesses to the next level post COVID-19, with focus on long term sustainability for our local communities and environment. Now is the time to look ahead to decide the future of your business and what change is needed to get there

Whether it be:

  • Building a sustainable business – if you’re committed to maintaining your core business (scale, proposition) albeit needing to explore alternative ways of working for long term sustainability and resilience

  • Building a growth business – you’re ambitious and have demonstrated resilience, quickly transiting through the ‘survive’ cycle of the pandemic and have an idea/existing business with significant growth potential

  • Enabling exit – you’re keen to explore transition out of the business


This programme will provide you with tools and frameworks to

  • enable your personal purpose and objectives

  • make informed commercial decisions for sustaining, growing or exiting your business

What's it all about?


The Business Reshape Programme is a 12-month programme of 5 parts

  • Core programme of practical skills and challenge your existing business model

  • Change project to execute, based on your specific business needs

  • Ongoing cohort engagement and peer collaboration - creating a sense of community and accountability 

  • 1:1 coaching and accountability – providing you with practical assistance, walking alongside you during execution

  • Specialist webinars and self-learning reference sites on key topics and sector-specific issues


Velocite will carefully curate a group of up to 8-10 aspirational business owners from different industries (no direct competitors) and will work with a network of subject matter experts to facilitate core and specialist topics. Where regional emphasis of cohorts, specific focus will be given to ‘engaging local’.

Programme Timeframe


Session dates will be confirmed with the group during the first Kick Off session. The group will commit to attending:

  • Kick off session followed by core module pre-work (4 hours)

  • Core module (1 day) – to challenge and provide you with tools to validate and refine your business plan and strategy post COVID around:

    • Personal drivers and priorities

    • Customer & market SWOT strategy

    • Opportunity analysis

    • Financial analysis & dexterity

  • Bespoke 1:1 change project – facilitated design workshop (1/2 day) plus time required to execute within your business (varies), supported by monthly accountability sessions

  • Velocite facilitated cohort collaboration sessions or hot topic webinars (1 hour per month plus 2 hours at half year and year end)

  • Additional self-learning and reference sites will also be available (at your discretion)

What will I achieve?


This programme is not a ‘cookie cutter’ training. We’ll work with you to identify the change required to transform your business, and design a bespoke project to execute, with clear outcomes. Continued mentoring (from both the peer cohort and Velocite specialists) throughout the 12 months will support you in your execution and achievement of your business and personal goals.


It will also increase your capability and confidence as a business owner and create a network of peers that you can remain connected with once the programme ends. 


In a nutshell,

  • Your personal balance sheet will be enabled

  • You’ll receive personal development and skill enhancement

  • You’ll have practical action plans and a focussed change project to enable profitable business growth and positive contribution to your sector and community

  • You’ll be part of a cohort peer network with long term collaboration opportunities

  • You’ll be held accountable with regular sessions for long term sustainability



As an introductory offer an upfront investment of $7,950 + GST (saving $2,000) for the first three months which includes

  • core module immersion session

  • bespoke change project workshop

  • initial cohort and accountability sessions


Plus $1,995 per month for the following 9 months of the 12-month programme, for

  • monthly / quarterly coaching accountability sessions for the change project, to help businesses execute

  • regular cohort collaboration sessions

  • hot topic webinars


As this programme is a registered service under the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme, you may be eligible for an NZTE fee contribution of up to $5,000. Talk to our team for more information.


Programmes take place throughout the country however participants are welcome to join any location. 



New Plymouth - Kick Off Wednesday 29 July 2020  - download brochure

Spring Programme 

New Plymouth - Kick Off Wednesday 28th October 2020

Hamilton - Kick Off Monday 26th October 2020

Summer Programme

Napier - Kick Off Wednesday 27 January 2021

Tauranga - Kick Off Friday 29th January 2021

For future dates and locations or to learn more about The Business Reshape Programme

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