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Olivia Sweeney

Business Advisor

Olivia has experience working in several small businesses in a range of roles which involved finance functions; developing processes, company structure, position descriptions; and training and managing employees. Her most recent role as General Manager of a small, family-owned business saw her desire, and ability to guide and improve overall business performance, increase massively and led her to becoming a part of the Velocite team in September 2022.

Olivia loves to be involved in a variety of businesses, and understand which makes each one, and the people within it ‘tick’.


Outside of work…

In the interests of spending as much time as possible with her one year old daughter, Olivia can be found at parks and playgrounds on any sunny days. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and when spare time allows it - indulging in bouts of binge reading, with non-fiction biographies being a favourite genre.


027 463 2657

Olivia Sweeney
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