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Mackenzie Lilly

Business Advisor

Over the past three years, Mackenzie pursued her Bachelor of Accounting part-time with Open Polytechnic. Next year she plans to commence her CA at Velocite.

Mackenzie has a background in finance and experience in financial operations. She enjoys learning about clients' businesses and helping them achieve their goals.

Outside of work...

Outside of her work, Mackenzie's life mainly consists of studying at this current point in her career, while keeping on top of her time management and juggling a heathy balance of study and work. Mackenzie likes to stay active whether that’s walking with friends or attending gym classes. Mackenzie's real passion is cooking and providing delicious meals for herself and her family. When she is not studying or cooking, Mackenzie loves to go out to dinner and catch up with friends and family.  


027 314 4028

Mackenzie Lilly
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