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You’ve spent years building up a business that you’re proud of and it’s now time to enjoy life outside of running the business.

There are countless different ways to get out of your business, for example:


1. Straight Exit: Exit your business via a business sale.


2. Merger / Acquisition: Merge or acquire another business with management capability that enables you to exit the business' day-to-day running.


3. A Transitional Ownership Succession Plan: Bring in new owner(s) and over time transition your ownership to them as you gradually exit the business.

4. Family Business Succession Plan: Ownership and/or responsibility transition between different generations in a family business.


Our Team at Velocite has successfully facilitated the development and execution of several Transitional Ownership Succession Plans.

Succession Planning Toolkit

Make a start with our FREE Pre-Succession Planning Toolkit, here.

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