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The Velocite Team is Working from Home

We have been monitoring the developments both here and overseas in relation to COVID-19 and recognise that with the Governments continuing announcements it is incredibly important that we are setup to enable us to support you to make Wage Subsidy claims and seek bank support.

With this in mind we have moved our team into a working from home setup today so that our team is up and running efficiently just in case there are increases in isolation requirements for businesses.


One of the reasons we’ve decided to implement our working from home plan is to lower the risk of one of our team members getting COVID-19 and then spreading it across the whole office or to you, our clients and professional networks.

The other is to enable us to support our clients making application to Government support packages which means we must have our teams fully up and running from home.

What does this look like?

Our business continuity plan is in place and is being executed.

All of our team working from home are set up with:

· Laptops

· Multiple screens

· Mobile phones – our numbers are on our website

· The team is connected through technology

On occasion some of the team will be in the office. At this stage our office is still open but please avoid dropping in, call our office line in advance to arrange a time to come in.

Everyone will be accessible to you as per usual, during their normal working hours.

Client Meetings

Client meetings will take place in one of four ways:

1. Online through video calls with screen sharing capability

2. Via a phone call

3. On your business premises

4. In our building – Our office is still open

We will work with you to arrange the best solution for you.

We are taking proactive steps to ensure business as usual. We are closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation and will keep you informed of any changes that may impact us working with you.

If you have any queries or need immediate assistance, get in touch.

Paul, Grant and the Velocite Team

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