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New Director Appointment

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you – Velocite has appointed Shelley Meuli as our new director!

Shelley has been a valuable member of the Velocite team for many years, and we couldn't be happier to have her join us in this new leadership role.

According to Grant McQuoid, one of Velocite's existing directors, Shelley was the perfect choice for the role. "Shelley lives our purpose and values, most importantly 'empowering others', which is a cornerstone of enabling the success of both our team and our clients," he said. "She strengthens the leadership team with her strong focus on SME business owners' purpose and accounting requirements, balanced with Paul and my focus on succession planning and business growth."

For Shelley, this appointment is a natural progression from her previous role at Velocite. "My personal values completely align with the business values," she said. "I am excited to step up to assist Grant and Paul with making business decisions based on these values and to add value to SME regional businesses, whilst providing a growth workplace for our team."

Shelley's strengths lie in her empathy, caring, kind, and patient nature, and her ability to teach others while working through and solving problems. She has extensive experience working with commercial clients and is an advisor to SMEs looking to achieve their goals around growth and lifestyle.

"I love working with a great team of people and clients who make work fun," Shelley said. "Our leaders truly empower the team and provide a supportive work environment along with plenty of flexibility to make sure we can balance the important moments in family life."

For Shelley, this appointment is not just about recognition of her contribution, values, and loyalty to the business over the years, but also about creating pathways for the team's growth and aspirations. "I think it reinforces that there are pathways for the team if they have that aspiration," she said.

We're thrilled to have Shelley as our new director, and we're confident that she will help Velocite continue to grow and shape the future of the business.

Congratulations, Shelley!

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