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COVID-19 Delta - Issues Impacts Actions

Current at 7 September 2021


While Delta Level 2 is good news for many of us, the impact of Auckland remaining in Alert Level 4 will still be felt across the country particularly in the areas of stock/materials availability, decreased production levels, out-of-date pricing, and reducing cash reserves.


We have created a simple matrix containing the key issues, their impact, and practical actions you can take in your business, see below:




















Download the table here.


Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing updates and guidance on how to solve these issues, including:

  1. How to improve your processes and digitise your systems to give you access to good information

  2. Why measuring gross profit dollars as well as gross profit % is important and the impact pricing correctly will have

  3. Do you need to change your operating model to thrive if Alert Level 2 is the new normal (i.e. we could be there for a long time)?


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A reminder of the Delta Level 2 rules, here.

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