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Business Continuity Planning - Alert Level 4

Current as at 25 March 2020


The summary of ideas below is to provide some practical ideas for you to consider or implement, as appropriate. This is a moving target as the Government responds with new tools and ideas but it’s important to plan not react.


New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 4: Eliminate (Alert Levels)

How the tool works

We will take you through 4 stages of planning:

  1. Post it note download

  2. Develop a plan

  3. Identify the actions

  4. Start doing the actions


Values Led Decision-Making

When deciding what to do always start with your own personal values and the values of your business. How you want to be treated and therefore how you treat others should be the starting points for deciding how you respond to everyone you come into contact with.

Let's get your planning started…

Planning not Reacting

Start with clearing your head:

1. Grab some post it notes/paper anything

2. One idea or thought per piece of paper

3. List the first 5 or 10 things that you are thinking about right now, one per page

Note Pad V2.PNG
Post It Notes V2.PNG
Develop your plan

Your business is operating in one of four states:

  1. Essential Services fully functioning (you are still required to put in place alternative ways of working to keep employees safe, including shift-based working, staggered meal breaks, flexible leave arrangements and physical distancing)

  2. Essential Services partially functioning (same requirements as above)

  3. Virtual/Remote Working

  4. Not Working


Operating Under Level 4

With the speed of transition to Alert Level 4, consider:

  • What are the things you need to complete now you have gone into shutdown?

  • What are the things you need to do now to tighten up how you are currently operating?

  • How am I communicating with my team, my customers and suppliers etc…


Wider Business Planning

Don’t overthink this!

  1. Pick the 2 or 3 most important areas of your business to think about (prompt list below)

  2. In each area jot down the key issues

  3. Then go back over your list and note down your response to each issue

  4. Review your list

  5. Write down the three actions that you need to take today…then start!

Prompt list.PNG

Make sure you think opportunity… where is the opportunity, don't just focus on problems. There are always opportunities!



Turn your Business Continuity Plan into an Action Plan




Get in touch!


Have a go at building your initial plan, if you require support from Velocite business advisors, we can support you for:

  • Business decision making for decisions that need to be made now

  • Helping you to prepare a simple Business Continuity Plan for operating effectively during the Alert Level 4 shutdown

  • Helping you to prepare a simple 3 month cash forecast to assist with decision making


Please email our team at


Make sure you send us your draft Business Continuity Plan!

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