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Outward Bound Maunga Course

Velocite walks right alongside people who want to grow. This growth mindset comes from having a great team and systems to support development, but it also comes from people believing in themselves and having the confidence to share their great ideas.

Kupe Group 2021

Since 2020 Velocite has been a significant supporter of the Outward Bound Maunga Course that has supported 42 young people from the Taranaki region attend a 21 day Outward Bound course in the beautiful Marlborough sounds.

In April, each year, a group 14 Taranaki young people push themselves to their limits and find out what they are truly capable of. They build courage and resilience, experience success as a member of a team, identify their own values, develop an appreciation for the natural environment and experience being of service. These future leaders then return to their schools to share what they have learned with their community.

The Maunga course is designed in partnership with the ten participating schools to ensure that it is relevant for the challenges and opportunities of young people in the Taranaki region. The Outward Bound Maunga course partner schools are - Coastal Taranaki School, Waitara High School, Inglewood High School, Stratford High School, New Plymouth Boys High School, Hawera High School, New Plymouth Girls High School, Opunake High School, Spotswood College, Patea Area School , Francis Douglas Memorial College, Sacred Heart College.

"I am truly grateful for the things I have learnt. I have discovered so much about myself and the environment. I have had so many experiences I never thought I would be able to do. I have been able to develop into a different man than I thought I was 21 days ago. Thank you for literally changing my life for the better!!" - Kevin Van Loo, Francis Douglas College, Maunga 2020.

"At Outward Bound, I was lucky enough to do some awesome things such as sailing. I enjoyed the activities, but I realised they were so much more than that, they taught me about myself and working as a team. If it weren’t for your support, this would not have been possible, thank you so much for supporting me!" - Byron Hunt, Coastal Taranaki School, Maunga 2021.

"As watchmates we have learnt so much about each other. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Our instructors have really helped us to understand our values and goals. I am excited to take what I have learnt to my life long after Outward Bound. I know have more gratitude and I know myself better. Thank you for your kindness supporting me." - Lucy Howarth, Sacred Heart Girls' College New Plymouth.

~ Karla Paotonu, Fundraising & Partnerships Manager | Kaitohu Kaitautoko

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