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That's a wrap for 2022!

With the Christmas deadline looming we challenge you to start slowing down - not speeding up to get to the finish line! It's time to enjoy pre-Christmas celebrations, reflect on the year that has been, and get excited for 2023!

At Velocite, some of the ways we are combatting the end-of-year rush are by remembering the great things that have happened in 2022; try the same with your team.

In a recent team meeting, we went around the room and shared our highlights from the year. They included some great client projects, welcoming new clients into the Velocite family, new team members, and new family members - both furry and baby variety!

The past couple of years have been challenging and fast-paced for many businesses and individuals and 2022 hasn't been any different. This year has shown us how important it is to take care of ourselves - both mentally and physically.

We all live such busy lives and sometimes we forget to stop, take a breath and reflect on what is important - your own well-being and personal health. If we don't place importance on our health and state of mind, then how can we manage and run a successful business that will thrive?

As people, we seem to be increasingly obsessed with speed and convenience.

Always rushing from one task to the next, from one project to the next, from one place to the next. Attempting to achieve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. As a result, many people are either taking on too much stress or being left feeling a sense of failure when their planned achievements are not all reached successfully.

Maybe we should slow down and take a slowly digested leaf from the Sloths?

Our team loves this Ted Talk!

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